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World Class Solutions for Your Business Requirements


What We Can Do For You

Our goal is to cater to all your business or project requirements. The products
delivered by us are a symbol of reliability and trust. We have been serving clients
all over the globe with the aim of satisfying them in every way possible. Order the
needed item for your company and you won’t be disappointed at all!


Looking for tools, machinery or, equipment to make your farm more technically efficient? This is the right place for you then. Name anything you want and we can deliver it all, from tractors and hay tools to seeding equipment and much more.
Reliable equipment, reasonable prices, and direct timely delivery are a promise from our side!

Vehicular Machinery

Finding it difficult to locate the right kind and quality of heavy machinery for your construction projects? Don’t worry; we are here to make it easy for you. Contact us to get any type of heavy machinery delivered to you directly. We make sure that the machinery you order reaches you in perfect condition and top quality on time.

Solar / Photovoltaics

In search of an efficient yet environment-friendly energy source for your
business? Allow us to arrange the best alternative for you in the form of a solar/ photovoltaic system. It lets you run your business on a clean and sustainable resource, without adding to the pressing challenges of pollution and fossil fuel depletion. Try it out, and you won’t be disappointed at all.

Oil & Gas

Cost-effective raw materials for power generation are a vital ingredient for every successful business. Can’t find a reliable source for that? Leave it to us, and you will never have to worry about it again. We ensure the availability of energy resources for your company at reasonable prices. Plus, there is no compromise on quality too.

Import / Export

We support businesses all over the world through import and export.
International trade has allowed us to manage a clientele spread vastly around the globe. One of our top priorities is to fulfill our foreign commitments with perfection. From order to legal documentation and final delivery, every detail is paid extra attention to avoid any inconvenience for our customers and suppliers abroad.

Let Us Know What You Are Looking For

Leave The Searching, Sourcing And Delivering To Us.


Agricultural Tractors

Get the most suitable tractor for your land in record time, at affordable rates around the globe. We deal in the export of all kinds of agricultural tractors. So, what are you waiting for? Connect with us to mechanize your farm with the best quality equipment and machinery available in the international market.


Our company also facilitates the export of cars. All you have to do is to let us know the car of your choice and the place you want it delivered. It will be provided to you under the best prices and finest quality! We are just a click away for clients all over the globe!

Construction Equipment

We turn construction into a simple and hassle-free job by sourcing and delivering top-grade equipment worldwide. Name anything related to construction and get it from us at market-competitive prices. We can export all kinds of machinery needed to build something from excavators and bulldozers to graders and loaders.


An unforgettable travelling experience for your audience!

Let your passengers spend their journey in the desired way with our customized luxury buses!


Enjoy the seas and oceans with an added touch of luxury and elegance!

We export yachts all around the globe to deliver people a memorable cruising experience.



Let us get what you need for less

Our goal is to provide world-class solutions for government, private sector, non-profit organizations, and many other satisfied clients.  For more than 20 years we have been dedicated to government tenders, RFQs, and the private sourcing and delivery of solar products, oil, gas, and agricultural or vehicular machinery.

Trust us for your best pricing and delivery.

Are you hunting for a specific product for your private or public business needs? “MorePlus International” can take care of the searching, sourcing and delivering of your project!

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